thoughts feelings worry

this is the main portion and purpose of this website, i will write my life here, things i wouldnt dare whisper outloud, screaming into an endless void no one will listen to is comforting, feel free to message me anytime you feel lost and alone, i am too

(i will most likely change the formating of this b/c its v ugli ik, if u have any tips please email me!!)
july 5th 10:51pm: please stop staring at me dont look at me dont think of me i cant handle being real i dont want to be real i have nowhere to go im too sinful for hell too pure for hell i belong nowhere at no time o god its happening again
july 10th 12:02pm: i want to cut. i want to see the blood. i need to feel. i cant resist much longer
july 11th 2:53pm: i hurt myself. hurt myself yesterday and most likely will today. i couldnt stop. i saw the blood and used the bandages i couldnt stop.
july 11th 10:03pm: yesterday to feel something. today to punish myself. will i ever stop. i want them to leave me alone. they dont believe me anyway. im bleeding through the bandage.
july 12th 10:18pm: i had to punish myself again i cant stop. i hate myself for it. i feel more worthless everytime. will i ever stop. nothing can help me
july 13th 10:29pm: getting high rlly helps the pain. i kinda dissosiated for a little and it was kinda scary i was hella paranoid too but i had fun